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What is EFY Token?

EFY Token is a utility token designed to power the EFY Finance ecosystem, providing users with access to a range of financial services and benefits. It facilitates seamless transactions, rewards participation, and offers staking opportunities with attractive yields. By integrating blockchain technology, EFY Token ensures transparency, security, and efficiency, empowering users to engage in the digital financial landscape with confidence.

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Premium Features for EFY Token Holders

Staking for rewards: Earn staking rewards (up to 22% APY) by staking EFY Tokens.

Unique Investment Opportunities: Get the opportunity to invest in our tokenized and fractionalized RWAs marketplace.

Discounts: Obtain exclusive discounts on features within EFY Finance.

Exclusive Access: Obtain exclusive discounts on premium features within EFY Finance.

Experience Superior Transaction


Reduced Transaction Costs: Reduced transaction fees, making frequent transactions more cost-effective.

Speed & Efficiency

Access to faster transaction processing due to blockchain prioritization.


Enhanced security features through blockchain technology, reducing the risk of unauthorized transactions.



Token Allocation

Allocation Percentage Total Tokens Initial Unlock (%) Lock-Up (Months) Vesting (Months)
Seed Sales 5% 50M 0 12 12
Strategic Private Sales 5% 50M 0 12 24
Public Sales 12% 120M Immediate 0 0
Ecosystem & Development 11% 110M Immediate 0 0
Team, Founders, Actual Investo 9% 90M 0 12 48
Advisors 6% 60M 0 12 36
Marketing 10% 100M Immediate 0 0
Treasury 30% 300M Immediate 0 0
AirDrops 2% 20M Immediate 0 0
Staking Program 10% 100M Immediate 0 0

Technical description

Token Name




Smart contract

Coming Soon

Tokens for Sale


Total Supply

Listing price token


Live Pre-sale


Seed Pre-Sales

  • Token Development
  • Token Security Audit
  • Token Issue Licence (El Salvador)
  • Token Pre-Listing at EFY Finance
  • Community Engagement

Strategic Pre-Sales

  • Strategic integration (Financial System)
  • Pre-Listing ICO / IDOs Platforms
  • Token Launch: Smart Contract Deployment
  • Financial Inclusion Cycle Pilot 1- Colombia
  • RWA Market Place Launch
  • 1st AirDrop

ICO-Public Sales

  • Public Sales
  • Dex Pool creation
  • Complete integration with EFY Finance
  • Preimum Features Launch
  • 2nd AirDrop
  • Financial inclusión Cycle Pilot 2- Colombia
  • Guarantee Colateral Program using trusts
  • Financial Inclusion Cycle Pilot 3- Ecuador


The great minds behind our work

Andrés Tobón

CEO & co-founder

Alejandra Gaviria

COO & co-founder

Peter Pinedo

CTO & co-founder

Lina Sandoval

Head of legal

Juan Montalvo

Legal VP


EFY Finance

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of the Seed sale?

The goal of EFY Token's seed sales is to raise funds for marketing, development, and other operational costs related to the project. Early adopters that buy EFY Tokens during our seed sale will obtain a 40% discount.

How many EFY tokens will be available for sale?

50,000,000 tokens will be available for this round of sale.

What will the token purchase process be like?

You must enter the pre-sale button and follow the step by step payment form

How can I access detailed information about EFY Token?

Find more information in our whitepaper.

What are tokenized real world assets?

Tokenized real-world assets (RWAs) are digital representations of physical assets (like real estate or art) on a blockchain. This allows fractional ownership, increased liquidity, transparency, security, and reduced transaction costs.

What benefits do I have as a pioneer investor?

As an investor in our seed round, you receive a 40% discount when purchasing the token.

Are there any investment risks?

Investing in cryptocurrencies, tokens, and blockchain ventures carries certain risks due to market volatility and the speculative nature of these assets. While these investments can offer significant opportunities, it's important to be aware that the value of cryptocurrencies and tokens can fluctuate widely. Investors should be prepared for the possibility of significant changes in value and understand that they may not always see returns on their investments. We encourage thorough research and a clear understanding of the market before engaging in these types of investments.

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